Like any other business, chiropractic marketing is important. To gain experience in the marketing world, attend seminars, academic workshops, and one-on-one consultation besides a chiropractic school. You may want to look onto nearby clinics that have their stuff together like Becker Chiropractic & Acupuncture - the Chiropractor Omaha trusts. With new marketing methods arising now and then, there is need to understand trends so as not to be left behind. One of the main marketing strategies is effective patient education. Use of white boards as a communication tool is of much help and once your patients feel at ease, they can easily refer other clients to you.

Key factors on which to build consistent chiropractic marketing:

·         Structure all chiropractic marketing activities so that you don't have to do all the work by yourself. The responsibility can be handled over to a chiropractic marketer.

·         Ensure your marketing concept is well understood and creates customer interest.


Reasons for marketing

Marketing success starts with your view point about it and understanding the need for it. The reason why many opt for marketing is the need to help more people find the best natural way to enhance their health. The only way this can be achieved is by creating awareness to more people regardless of their location.

Marketing techniques

Before we look into the marketing techniques, there are various things one should understand. Technology used to attract new patients, you and your staff should be well equipped on the marketing strategies and finally have the will to share your services with more people. Come up with a unique strategy to distinguish you from other marketers. They can be classified into two:

1)      Online marketing

Have a chiropractic web site that is market oriented. Include all services, payments and policies found in your clinic.

Collect email addresses from subscribers and constantly inform them of your services and improvements.

Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can write down blog posts and link them to these sites.

Use written and video testimonials. Evidence is important as it creates a feeling of security.

2) Offline marketing

Hold seminars. This could be done at recreational and health centres, bowling alleys or any other location. Hold talks to sports teams. This is inclusive of both the elementary, mid- school and international teams. Television and radio stations could also be of use to those who rarely access Facebook or Twitter.

Marketing statistics

Statistics should be kept for analysis and future planning strategies. They help in keeping track of a patient's records, measure progress of your goals, indicate when to make strategy adjustments and know what's working and what is not. The following are areas to consider in statistical analysis;

·         Number of patients

·         Average money collected per patient.

·         Average number of cases.

·         Return on investment.

·         Net profit.

Foundations of Chiropractic Marketing

Below are a couple foundational approaches used:

  • A program to acquire names and phone numbers of local people as many times as possible. To do this, a Public Gift Certificate program having 5 different approaches gives chiropractors an endless list of contacts.
  • Multiple Business to Business programs. This is done through numerous ways including lectures, Corporate Massage programs and other introductory programs.
  • An Internal Referral Program. It should be an engaging strategy. By communicating with each patient, direct their attention in a very precise manner in that you will be able to get the contacts of those that have been referred to you.